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Here are 10 ways to address people's resistance to change (summary of research for my book Lonely Project)

  1. Demonstrate buy-in from others, particularly peers.
  2. Provide case studies of similar changes, particularly with characteristics they are trying to protect.
  3. Show alignment to company strategy and the hierarchy of sponsorship for the strategy.
  4. Demonstrate how there will be benefits to individuals as well as functions or businesses.
  5. Show how success will be measured and how that translates into personal success.
  6. Show how the change will lead to improved learning and potential career advancement and market value.
  7. Provide a balanced picture of equal benefits to multiple stakeholders, if possible.
  8. Demonstrate cultural fit as well as cultural change, being honest about differences as well.
  9. Provide evidence of the detail to give confidence but retain focus on the key benefits.
  10. Make it personal. Before most people can buy-in to the big picture they need to understand what it means to them.